Apply to Speak at the DC Lean For Social Good Summit

By Meg Rulli — Jan 16 14

The Lean for Social Good Summit is a forum to share achievements in using Lean Startup methodologies for social good, and to help social good organizations adopt Lean. After launching the summit in NYC and SF, we will be bringing The Lean For Social Good Summit to DC on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014. Register now and apply to speak below!

Apply to share how you’ve used Lean Startup principles in your organization. You’ll also be applying for two awards: The Lean for Social Good Organization Award, and Lean for Social Good Intrapreneur Award. Add your information below to put your name in the hat!

The deadline to apply for the DC Summit is Saturday, February 15th.

Submit your story for the DC Lean For Social Good Summit

Meg Rulli | Social Media Director

Meg started her career as a business management consultant helping large-scale companies develop more efficient IT strategies to maximize performance and achieve measurable results. After several years in the corporate world, she decided to travel the world and follow her dream to be an entrepreneur. After spending a year abroad with her husband in 2012, she started Sticky Marketing with her partner-in-crime, Caroline Eaton, which focuses on helping small businesses & startups stand out in their industries and compete against larger competitors. Meg attended Babson College in Boston, MA where she studied Entrepreneurship and Global Business Management.


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