So you want to write for Lean Impact? We’d love to share your stories! Here are some guidelines of the type of content we’re looking for.

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What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for posts that share real world examples of organizations adopting Lean Startup principles or using creative and innovative ways to achieve your goals. Here are a few post topics to get you started:

  • Share how you and your team adopted a Lean Startup principle to accomplish something in your organization; why you did it, what you learned. Example: In a Lean Nonprofit, Data is King
  • Share a challenge in your organization and how you used technology or innovation to overcome it
  • Tips and guidelines that helped you achieve your goals, that you would share with other nonprofits or social enterprises. Example: Lean Principles by Any Other Name, Just as Effective


A few easy-to-follow guidelines for Lean Impact guest posts

  • Read our other posts and follow them as a guide. We’re looking for posts with a good mix of educational content, helpful advice, and real-world examples; presented in a clean and easy to read format.
  • Write your post in plain English – use as little jargon as possible, and make the content and title “bloggy” and “shareable”
  • Make sure what you write fits into our existing categories. Take a look at the categories of the posts we do in Popular Post Topics, at right, and try to pick something we haven’t covered extensively before.
  • Include your bio and photo. Bios should be no more than 100 words; photos should be high quality and at least 400x188px.


A few blog posts to get your neurons firing


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